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My Micro Job is Nigeria largest marketplace for micro jobs, which is basically a very small paid task or one-time job you complete for an amount of money that varies. A lot of people who work from home enjoy doing micro jobs here and there for different tasks. My Microjobs offers a freelance services or marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth while creating a successful business at affordable costs. These are small gigs, or micro tasks, that pay small amounts but its better than Unemployment and having nothing to do. N500 here, 1K there while you do other things like learn new trade, complete your education, take care of yourself and family. Here is a story of a woman who make $1 million as a freelancer on Fiverr. You can be the next one. Post whatever task you can do, that’s your MicroJob.

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    Search for your need. Use simple and common words to search. Look through as many profiles as possible. Read what previous buys wrote in their reviews.

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    Send message through the site to few selected sellers to give further details of what you need. Select the person that best fit. who is willing to take up the task, deliver within agreed time and at your proposed price. Make payment. The seller only gets paid after completion of the task. The money is withheld by admin. So no shaken!

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    Get your task done. Wait for the job to be completed. When the seller completes your job, check that all is OK. Write a good review. The seller gets paid. Everyone is happy! If you are not satisfied, head to the dispute center and admin will be available to assist.