‘The Muppets’ Star: ‘The Simpsons’ Has Never Been So Fun’

By Jennifer O’Donnell-PiperPublished Feb 08, 2017 11:32AMETZ, Feb 07, 2017 –“The Muppet Show” is back on TV, and the “Muppets” star says it’s more fun than ever.

Muppet creator Matt Groening took to Twitter to share a video that showed his favorite episode of the Muppeteers.

Groening and the Muppet cast were shown performing the theme song to “Muppet Babies,” a song by the band Arcade Fire.

Groening also shared a photo of himself with the Muggsy on their recent tour stop in Atlanta.

In the photo, Groening is holding a Muppet doll that is sporting the face of his favorite Muppet.

Muppeteer Nick Offerman tweeted a photo from the Atlanta tour bus, which included the “The Muggs” cast member.

He captioned the photo: “I just took a picture with the cast of “The Simpsons” at Atlanta airport this afternoon.

Muppy Babies.


The Mound Muppet has also returned to the “Family Guy” universe for “The Family Feud,” which stars John Stamos and Zach Woods.


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