What the Bills and Bills owner Ralph Wilson want to see in 2017-18

In the first week of March, the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Bills owner Bill Murray met with a group of NFL teams to discuss the future of the Bills franchise and the direction of the team.

It was billed as a “constructive” meeting.

In reality, it was just a sham.

Murray met for the first time with the Bills before their final game of the 2017 season on Sunday, the Bills’ season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He has repeatedly denied ever meeting with the players or any of the owners, and he has also denied any collusion with the NFL investigation.

It is an attempt to smear the league and his opponents in an effort to deflect attention from the ongoing collusion scandal that has engulfed the NFL. 

Murray’s meeting with NFL owners at the end of March was supposed to be a constructive one.

However, it became a sham after Murray met in person with the owners of the NFL’s biggest franchises. 

The NFL’s collusion scandal has exposed its corruption to a new generation of NFL fans, with some calling for the league to suspend or revoke its franchise owners.

The NFL, however, has shown no interest in doing so.

Murray has denied any wrongdoing.

His meetings with the teams that he owns and runs were intended to be constructive and were conducted in a professional and friendly manner. 

In the end, it has not been constructive at all.

The Bills have lost three of their last four games and have a 1-3 record this season.

The franchise is in danger of losing its first Super Bowl title since 1982.

Bills fans were outraged and angry when the league announced it would suspend the team after the team’s second game of 2017 against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

Murray did not meet with any of his owners. 

Despite the fact that he has denied ever making contact with the team, the league, and the players, Murray has been rewarded for his actions by his fellow owners.

There is no doubt that the owners will not back down from this scandal and will continue to try and stop the investigation.

However the players are not buying it.

They want the investigation to end, they want the owners to step down, and they want to hear the truth.

The players and their representatives are going to be on the field, and it is going to come out in the end.

The league has no intention of stopping until it gets its act together.


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