Oregon’s new cannabis industry could be the biggest in the US


— Oregon’s new marijuana industry could have the biggest footprint in the United States.

The state’s newly created marijuana legalization agency is considering how to best distribute cannabis, including how to use the proceeds from cannabis sales to fund a variety of initiatives.

“This is a lot of fun, and I think the opportunities are limitless,” said Kevin DeMoss, director of the Oregon Cannabis Commission, a group created by lawmakers to oversee the state’s new medical marijuana industry.

DeMoss said he wants to create an industry that’s in line with the medical marijuana rules in other states.

Oregon has the fourth-largest economy in the nation, and it’s the second-largest state in terms of medical marijuana sales, with nearly 5,000 dispensaries.

Its marijuana growers are expected to be able to earn up to $100,000 per year, and Oregon has the most growers in the country.

The cannabis industry has been a relatively quiet one for Oregon.

Until now, state officials have said they would only consider the use of marijuana as a treatment option for certain diseases.

But now they’re weighing a range of uses, including medical.

The medical cannabis industry in Oregon was expected to bring in more than $20 million in tax revenue in 2020, according to the Oregonian.

That money could be used to fund other types of programs, such as the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, which is designed to educate doctors about the benefits of cannabis.

DeLoss said the state has also been discussing how to distribute the proceeds of cannabis sales.

We’re also talking about how we want to distribute them to other types and levels of government, so that the federal government, for example, doesn’t have to be involved,” he said.

DeMosons office said it will meet with marijuana legalization leaders this week and determine the best way to distribute cannabis revenue.


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