How to tell if the NFL season is over and you still have football left

A new NFL rule change could be a game-changer for teams and players as they work through the fallout of last year’s Super Bowl and its aftermath.

The NFL and its players have been grappling with the issue of concussions for years.

The NFL has been under a microscope since the game’s collapse in February of this year.

It was the worst-ever playoff game to end the season for both the league and its NFL Players Association.

In a rule change announced on Monday, players will no longer be allowed to return to a game they’ve been injured in if they have not taken any of the following: a concussion test, MRI, X-ray, CT scan or concussion assessment.

Players will also be allowed back on the field for a concussion evaluation only after the team has cleared the team doctor of the severity of their injury.

It’s a huge change and one that should help make players more comfortable returning to play.

The changes come after a study found that only 4 per cent of players with concussion symptoms reported returning to the game, and another study showed that there were only 8 per cent who had recovered fully from a concussion.

There were also concerns that the rule change would cause some players to not return to the field at all, particularly those who were not cleared by their team’s doctor.

But the NFLPA says the change is needed to protect the league’s players and to make sure players get the proper treatment.

The rule change is expected to affect only one NFL team: the Philadelphia Eagles, which have the No. 1 pick in next year’s draft.

The league says it will make the decision on whether to extend its moratorium on players returning to games when they are cleared by the team’s doctors.

The new rule change also comes after several other changes to the rules, including changes to rules governing the NFL’s concussion protocol, which includes the creation of a new “concussion protocol committee.”

The committee is responsible for determining what rules will be in place for next season, including the possibility of banning players from the game altogether.

The league says the new concussion protocol committee will also work with players, coaches, trainers, the medical community and the general public to figure out how best to keep players from returning to an NFL game after being hurt.

The goal is to have a complete concussion protocol by next season.

The commissioner, Roger Goodell, has said the league hopes to have the protocol finalized by next summer.

The rule change comes after Goodell said in January that the NFL was not going to be able to guarantee players will be able back on an NFL field without needing to take tests, but that the league would “probably have to” do it for sure.

The next step is the approval of the concussion protocol.

That process will be a lengthy one.

The deadline to submit an application is March 17.

The goal of the new rule is to make it easier for players to return, and to allow them to continue to participate in games as long as they can return to their teams.

The new rule also means that players won’t have to wait until next year to return.


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