‘Las Vegas, Nevada, is finally going to get it’

“Las Vegas is finally getting it.”

That was the message of the city’s mayor, Kevin Johnson, after the city announced Friday that it will finally allow residents to purchase a new, single-family home, after a nearly three-year delay.

“The city of Las Vegas, through our leadership, has worked with the state of Nevada to put an end to the crisis that we have faced for many years,” Johnson said.

“The City of Las Vega will finally get its first home of its kind.”

While there were no official statistics available on the new home’s sales, Johnson said the median price was $2.9 million.

The city has not yet released an exact number for the sale of a new home in its history, and the city has said it is committed to selling a minimum of 20 new homes each year, a goal that may change depending on the number of people who decide to move into the city.

The $1.9 billion purchase price includes $300 million to renovate the city hall and replace it with a new courthouse.

The new home is expected to be ready to go by June 30, 2018, said Chris Krummel, the city manager for the city of Clark County.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is also working on a $1 million home for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Krummel said that while the city is already fully funded, he does not anticipate a full-scale construction project until later in the year.

Johnson said the city hopes to see a surge in the number people who buy new homes over the next few years, though it will take time.

The city has also received thousands of applications for the new homes, but Krumlmel said it could take up to three months before they get approved.

“We’re still in the very early stages of the process,” he said.

Klamath County is also in the process of deciding on whether or not to approve the new, four-story home.

The home will have an entry way to the lobby, with the possibility of adding a patio or porch.

The house will also have two bedrooms, one bathroom and two garages, with parking available.


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