The future of the Apple Watch: What to expect from Apple Watch 2.0

A new generation of the popular Apple Watch is coming.

The new generation will sport a stainless steel and a plastic shell, and will be priced starting at $249.

Apple has released new images of the new watch and detailed specs, but the most intriguing piece of information is what it’s going to look like.

A new generation, that is.

The Apple Watch 1.0 introduced a large bezel that looked like it had been glued on for years.

It didn’t fit the design of the iPhone and iPad.

The design was so simple, people assumed that the screen was too big for the device.

Apple eventually added an even bigger bezel, and the company now has an almost-identical design to the iPhone’s.

In the meantime, Apple is still looking for new ways to sell its product.

Apple is working on a new, thinner and thinner version of the Watch, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A smaller and lighter version is also expected to be unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference later this year.

Apple is looking to make the Watch smaller and more comfortable than the original model.

It also wants to add a new watch face that’s smaller and simpler, according the Journal.

It’s possible that Apple will introduce a new design in the future.

The design of new Apple Watch models will be largely unchanged, the Journal said.

Apple is also reportedly planning to change the watch’s design to one that looks like a phone.

The iPhone’s watch face has a slightly more rounded shape, which makes it look like a small phone.

The new model, however, will be much thinner and lighter than the iPhone 1.

It’s not yet clear what Apple will do with the AppleWatch 2.

The company will unveil the new model at the WWDC keynote on June 14, the WSJ reported.

Apple already introduced a new model of the watch in March, with a new stainless steel shell and a new aluminum casing.

While the new version of Apple Watch has a much thinner shell, it still has the same bezel.

It will be thinner, and there will be a plastic back.

If Apple makes a bigger bezel with a more rounded design, it could be able to accommodate larger batteries, as well.

The metal band on the Applewatch 2.5mm model has also been reduced in size, and a redesigned Apple Watch Face is also rumored to be on the way.

Apple introduced the Apple TV and the Apple Pencil in the fall of 2016.


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