‘What if I got fired for calling a racist?’ | Orlando Sentinel

Orlando, Fla.

— The Orlando Sentinel has learned the Orlando Police Department’s Internal Affairs investigation into a video in which a white officer allegedly yelled at a black man during an arrest was initiated before the video was made public, and a police department policy is in place that prohibits officers from making racist comments.

The investigation of the video began after a man said he was harassed and verbally abused by two police officers in an alley behind the City Center Apartments.

The incident prompted police to issue a statement saying the officer was suspended for 10 days without pay pending an investigation.

The video was released Friday by a nonprofit called the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

It shows a man walking past two uniformed officers at the entrance of a housing complex, with his arms raised in a “Stand Your Ground” manner, according to a report from the ACLU.

A second officer then yells “stop resisting!” and a woman appears to intervene, then the two officers are seen grabbing the man and dragging him away.

The woman who appears to be a witness in the video then screams “Get the f— out of here, get the f—— out of there.”

The woman can be heard saying “He’s resisting!

He’s resisting!” as she throws her hands in the air.

Police did not release the video or identify the officers in the incident.

The ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn more about the officer involved and the officers involved.

The Associated Press first reported the allegations against the officers.

The Orlando Police say it’s investigating the matter.


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