China’s Twitter: Google, Twitter, and More are All in It

Google is reportedly building a system that would let the company’s billions of users search for news and information across a wide variety of media platforms.

The company has been working on a system called ‘The World Wide Web News Platform’, according to Bloomberg.

The news aggregator has been developing the platform for about two years, according to a report by The Verge.

This is the first time the tech giant has publicly talked about its efforts.

Google has long built its news services through its partnership with Yahoo, but the platform could be used for other news aggregators, such as Google News.

Google News is available on the Chrome browser and is used by millions of users.

Google is said to be working on an alternative platform called ‘World Wide Web Index’ which could let users search on a variety of news sites.

Bloomberg reports that Google’s new search platform could bring about a similar search experience to the Google News service.

Users would be able to look up news from a variety and categories across the internet and search for it.

They could also share the results with others, such the news aggregated by Yahoo.

Users can also add news items to their News Feed by using a new feature in the search engine.

This feature allows users to search for a particular news item and then select a link to share it with their friends and followers.

News Feed is the most popular place on the internet for news, according the Google news service.

It is used more than 2 billion times per day.

Google’s ‘Worldwide Web News’ platform could potentially offer similar functionality to the popular news aggregations on Yahoo News and CNN.

Yahoo News also recently partnered with Google to add news from various sources including CNN.

In an effort to keep its news content in front of users, Google has been building a ‘WorldWide Web News Database’.

The new search service is said by Bloomberg to include content from Yahoo and other news sources, and the service is expected to launch in 2018.

Google and Yahoo are also working on another ‘World wide Web News Service’.

The company is also said to have been working with Facebook to create an alternative service that will let users browse news and other information on Facebook.

Facebook also recently announced that it will integrate Google’s search engine into its own news service called News Feed.


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