New York Jets owner’s tweets about the Bears, Saints and Dolphins are “not very good”

The New York Giants owner, John Mara, made it clear on Wednesday that he thinks the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers are not good franchises.

The Giants are expected to be the favorite to win the NFC West, but Mara said that he thought the teams are not that good right now, per the New York Post: “You know what, we’ve got two teams that we’re pretty confident in, and that’s the Rams and our team.

The Niners are a team that we feel pretty good about right now.”

The Bears are one of the better teams in the NFC, but it is unclear if they are the one team that is actually going to win.

After all, the Bears have had some ups and downs this season.

They lost quarterback Matt Barkley to a season-ending injury last week and have lost their starting running back, Ryan Mathews, to an injury in the offseason.


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