How to get the best price on Tesla Model S and X tickets: $250 for a two-week pass (sort of)

Las Vegas – Tesla Motors is introducing a new reservation system for the Model S sedan and the Model X crossover, where drivers can get the lowest price of a new car and get a two week free Tesla event pass.

The two-day Tesla event passes can be bought online or in person at Tesla stores, starting at $250.

The passes are valid for the duration of the event, which is two weeks.

The passes are limited to two vehicles per person, and drivers must have a valid driver’s license to use the passes.

The price per vehicle is $450.

The tickets are available on the Tesla website.

The first Tesla event is scheduled for April 11, the same day the Super Bowl begins.

The first day of the Superbowl is also April 11.

The second Tesla event will be held on April 20, 2018, but only for one day, starting April 25.

The company announced the new Tesla reservation system on Thursday, calling it a “new way to make reservation and purchase of the most popular cars in our industry” and saying it’s a great way to get around the SuperBowl crowds.

“The new reservation service will make it easy for Tesla customers to book a car at their local Tesla store and then purchase it online for the most affordable price,” said the Tesla spokeswoman.

“It’s also a great option for drivers, who can use this new reservation feature to book the car of their choice at any Tesla store or in-person store.”

The company is also working on a new online service for reservation holders, and the company says the first of those will go live in the next couple of weeks.


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