What you need to know about the New York Times’ new Trump-related scandal

The New York Post reported that the newspaper has published an article accusing Trump of lying about being the victim of a hit and run.

In the article, NYT reporter Lisa Lerer describes an incident in which she was hit by a car as she drove from her home in Pennsylvania to her office in New York. 

Lerer said that while she was driving down the street, she was struck by a red truck.

She said the truck then sped off.

The truck then returned to her home and left the scene. 

The newspaper said in a statement that Lerer’s description of the incident “did not accurately describe the circumstances of the accident.” 

The Times has since apologized to Lerer for the article. 

Trump tweeted in response to the Post’s article.

“This phony attack on the President of the United States is the biggest hoax of them all!”

“In the final analysis, the NYT is no longer a credible source of news, and has been for some time,” he said.

“It has become far too partisan, distorted and politically motivated to continue to publish.

The NYT should immediately cease all coverage of this matter.”

Trump tweeted that the New Yorker should not have published the article because of “their bias.” 

Loser NYT owner Arthur Sulzberger Jr. tweeted his support for Lerer.

“I will not let them get away with this,” he wrote.

“The American people deserve better.” 

New York Times is owned by the Newseum and has a history of publishing fake news stories.

In 2016, the Times retracted a story about the arrest of a man who had been accused of stabbing a woman.

The man was released from jail, but his accuser was not. 

After that retracted story, Sulzbergberg sued for libel and lost. 

He has been the Times’ most vocal supporter of Trump, having said that Trump would win the 2016 election if the candidate won the popular vote.


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