Google News: What you need to know about the search giant’s latest update to Android

Google has rolled out a slew of new Android updates over the past few weeks, and they’re all part of a larger push to make the platform more efficient.

Here’s what you need in order to keep up with what’s new in this latest update.

Update: We’ve now published a full review of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

The update is the latest update from Google to address some of the core problems that plagued the company’s latest software release.

In addition to the aforementioned improvements to Google News, the update also brings new search results, an improved layout for the app drawer, improved app performance, and a new search widget.

Google also unveiled a new version of its YouTube app, which was launched in the past month and has already garnered hundreds of thousands of users.

YouTube has become the dominant search engine on Android, and its success has allowed Google to expand its product offerings beyond its main search service.

The new update includes a few additional changes to the app.

It now shows videos in a new timeline format, and now the “video preview” option is available for videos that are still in progress.

The video preview feature lets you see what’s coming next, and it also makes it easier to quickly review video content without having to load a page to see what you see.

Finally, the app now has a new notification center.

Previously, the notification center was a small, flat, rectangular area on the home screen that let you see notifications, but this time it’s bigger, more useful, and more customizable.

The notification center now lets you tap and hold on the notification to open it.

The app’s interface now also looks cleaner and has a “new look” theme, which gives the app a more modern, modern look.


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