How to spot a scammer in the US

The US is rife with scams, with some states even reporting that they’re on the rise.

So how do you spot one?

BBC News investigates.

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How to Spot a Scammer in Australia: “What’s the big deal?”

The scammer is always trying to get into your house.

They will come into your home, they will talk to you, they’ll ask for money, they won’t leave until you pay the ransom.


How To Spot a Fake Visa Scam: “We have a couple of scams where the person will call and ask for $20 and then they’ll get a fake ID.

3. “

That’s one of the reasons why you should never pay a fraudulent credit card.”


How Fake Visa Credentials Can Screw You Over: “It’s actually the worst scam in Australia because you can be locked out of your account.

And that’s because you haven’t had your card activated.”


How Do You Spot a Credit Card Scam?

“We know how to spot fraudulent cards and scams and you should be looking out for them.”


How Can You Spot Fake Money in Your Account?

“If you see a payment that looks like it’s coming from someone else, then it’s probably a scam.”


How Fraudulent Are Fake Credit Cards?

7. “

It may be from a scam company or a company that has a website and that’s actually been hacked and has money on it.”


How Much Money Does A Scam Pay Out?

“There are some scams where there’s no way to verify the identity of the person and then the money will just go straight to the person’s account.”


How Is Fake Money Used?

“Sometimes they use the money for their own personal use.

Sometimes they use it to pay the rent, sometimes they use their own money to pay for a car, sometimes it’s used to buy food or other things that they don’t want to give out to anyone else.”


How Does Fake Money Affect the World Economy?

“Some countries have laws that limit the amount of money that can be deposited in banks and they have a limit of $500.

Other countries don’t have that limit.”


What’s the Most Common Fake Money Scam in the World?

“It might be for a wedding, it might be a wedding ring.

They’ll call and say, ‘Please give me $10,000 to get married.’

And then the person pays the money and it disappears.”


What Are The Worst Scams That Have Been Reported?

12. “

You don’t need to be a scam artist, you can’t spot the scam, but you can spot the fraud that has happened.”


What Is a Fake Card?

“A card is a piece of paper, which is a kind of plastic that you write your own signature on and it’s usually just a plastic card that has the words ‘debit card’ on it.

It’s like a credit card but without the letters on it, which are the numbers.”


How Long Does it Take To Get a Fraudulent Credit Card?

According to the Australian Banking and Financial Crime Commission, the fraud rate on credit cards in Australia is between 3.5 and 5 per cent per year.

This is significantly higher than the US, where fraud rates are around 1 per cent.


What are the Requirements to Be a Victim of a Fraud?

15. “

If it says, ‘debt card’ then it means you’re in arrears.”


What Can You Do if You’re a Victim?

16. “

Otherwise you will have to report to the police.”


What Happens if Someone Calls You and Tells You Their Card Is a Fraud: “If somebody calls you saying, ‘Your card is fraudulent, it was issued to someone else.

17. “

You have 60 to 90 days to respond and the bank will investigate.”


“The only way that you can do that is to make a copy of your credit report. “

“When you make a photocopy, you should keep it safe.” “

18. “

When you make a photocopy, you should keep it safe.”


What to Do if Your Credit Is Stolen: “You shouldn’t let anybody else get hold of your information.”

19. What To Do


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