Which new Trump administration tech execs could make a difference in 2017?

The Trump administration is already struggling to find new tech talent.

As Trump’s cabinet and agency shake-ups unfold, the White House is looking to find and hire talent from the tech industry to help boost the president’s policies and policies.

Here’s how that could work:The tech industry has long been one of Trump’s strongest advocates for immigration, and he often talks about his “America First” philosophy.

But Trump has also sought to ramp up the use of technology in his administration.

The president has made clear his desire to build the wall and deport all undocumented immigrants.

And in May, he signed a measure to roll back federal protections for broadband providers and other internet companies.

The tech sector has traditionally been supportive of the Trump administration.

In May, tech companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb joined a group of major tech companies that signed a letter urging the administration to work with the tech sector to help tackle the nation’s immigration and healthcare crises.

The White House has been looking to fill key posts in the tech community, including the National Economic Council director and the head of the Federal Communications Commission.

The Trump transition team is expected to announce the next chair of the FCC on Thursday, and some members of the transition team have said they hope to recruit more tech executives for positions in the agency.

The president’s top technology policy adviser, Rep. Anthony Scaramucci, told The Washington Post in May that the administration would look for “hiring talent from all sectors” to boost the tech economy.

And the administration has also been considering hiring more people in the healthcare industry.

The Trump administration has been trying to attract talent from outside the tech and government sectors for months.

And it’s been doing so.

The administration has hired more than 20,000 tech workers since the beginning of the year, the latest available data show.

That’s more than half of the positions it has opened in the last six months, and the increase has come at a time when the federal government is struggling to hire new employees.

The data doesn’t include hiring from the private sector.

In July, Trump announced a $200 billion increase in the federal budget for the Office of Management and Budget to hire more people for the job.

The hiring of tech workers has also helped boost hiring at the Pentagon, which has seen a hiring boom in recent years.

The government also has hired a record number of government workers in 2017, and officials have said the hiring is the result of an effort to hire the nation for its future.

President Trump has repeatedly praised tech companies for their success in the workforce and said that tech workers have done “an amazing job” of providing jobs for the country.

But tech executives are skeptical of Trump, who has repeatedly criticized their company for hiring undocumented workers and for its policies on immigration and climate change.

Trump has been vocal in his criticism of tech companies.

During his presidential campaign, Trump famously claimed that “the companies that build the iPhone” had to pay the government for the privilege of building the iPhone.

The number of undocumented workers employed by the tech workforce has skyrocketed under Trump.

As recently as October, tech firms such as Uber and Airbnb were among the top ten employers of undocumented immigrants in the United States.


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