How to avoid getting caught in the ‘doughnut hole’

A new study has found that people are more likely to get caught in a “doughnuts hole” if they have a smartphone or laptop.

It also found that those caught in this trap are more willing to give up on trying to keep their smartphone charged.

The study, which appeared in the journal Psychological Science, analyzed data from more than 300 people in a survey.

In the survey, participants were asked to fill out a series of questions about themselves and their lives, including how often they use a smartphone, how many hours a week they work out and what they do online.

Those who used a smartphone more often were more likely than those who used it less often to say they had never been to a gym or went for a walk or bike ride.

They were also more likely as to say that they had a Facebook account and a Twitter account, and were more willing than those with less social media use to have a Snapchat account and an Instagram account.

The results also showed that people who used smartphones more often also had a higher chance of saying that they were overweight, obese or were suffering from depression.

“Social media and social media usage are now ubiquitous in the daily lives of Americans,” said the study’s senior author, Rebecca D. Smith, an associate professor of marketing at Ohio State University.

“In the United States, social media and online media use are increasing as our daily lives become more connected and connectedness is becoming more and more important to our lives.”

“While the relationship between social media users and physical health is well-established, we needed to examine the relationship with their mental health,” Smith added.

The findings have significant implications for health care providers, she said.

“We need to recognize the power of social media as an avenue for connecting with people,” Smith said.

This is particularly important because social media accounts can make it easier for people to be in a relationship and also to communicate with others about personal matters, such as medical care, she added.

Smith also said that the results suggest that social media should not be considered as a substitute for physical activity.

“If you are not doing any exercise, then you can’t connect with people, and if you are doing some exercise, it can help you be more connected,” she said, noting that people need to be active on social media in order to feel healthy.

The researchers were not able to control for other factors that may affect social media.


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