How did it get this bad? – How it got this bad is reporting that Russia’s state broadcaster has warned it is at risk of losing its license over a series of reports that its coverage of the coronavirus was misleading and inaccurate.

The news outlet, RT, has been accused of misleading viewers by claiming the outbreak was at an end, and that many countries had declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the pandemic.

RT has said it has complied with the government’s request for a licence renewal.

The government said the Russian broadcaster had violated its terms of service by broadcasting the government-sanctioned emergency declarations.

It said the allegations against RT were false and untrue and the broadcaster was seeking a refund.

RT is a state-funded news outlet owned by Russia’s federal government.

The US-based corporation, which was founded in 1999, has broadcast a wide variety of news and opinion programming since its launch in 1997.

A report published by the New York-based Center for Media and Democracy, which monitors US foreign policy, said RT has used a range of propaganda tactics to influence US audiences and to advance its agenda in the US.

It cited RT’s coverage of a US presidential debate as a particularly egregious example.

The report said RT’s broadcasts often use soundbites and edited clips to distort and distort the facts, while relying on a mix of innuendo and innuendos and sensationalist claims.

The New York Times and The Washington Post both found RT’s reports on US elections were misleading and misleading.

The Times said it had found that RT was using misinformation and distortions to push the Trump administration’s agenda.

In the US, RT and other news outlets have been criticized for failing to accurately report events in the West.

RT and others have also been accused by the US government of attempting to interfere in the election process by using bots to target critical news outlets.

The company said it would review its practices.

RT’s head of news, Dmitri Peskov, said in a statement that the broadcaster had no intention of changing its policies and that the issue was being reviewed.

“We do not consider ourselves to be in violation of any law or regulations, nor do we take any steps to circumvent the authorities.

We have a contract with the Russian government, and we follow it strictly,” Peskov said.

RT also denied any wrongdoing.

“The Kremlin does not control RT, its staff or its content,” Pesov said.

“RT is a private organisation with no official role or responsibility to the Kremlin.”


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