How to stop the hate in the Conservative Party

The Conservative Party in the US is a joke, a joke.

A joke in which you are required to pretend that it is not a joke because the person you want to be the next President of the United States is, well, Donald Trump.

This year, there are only two Republicans remaining in Congress.

In the first round of voting, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky defeated Representative Tim Scott of South Carolina by a margin of more than 3.5 million votes.

The rest of the House and Senate are equally divided.

As the US presidential race gets more and more vicious and the candidates begin to veer rightwards, the Conservative movement has found itself trapped in a never-ending cycle of hate. 

But, at least until the first presidential debate, the conservative movement in the United Kingdom has always been united in its fight against racism and homophobia. 

This year, as the United Conservative Party, or CUP, has been forced to make the difficult choice of whether to embrace or reject the Republican candidate Donald Trump, the debate has also forced the Conservative leadership to face a fundamental question about what the Conservative party means to them.

Will the Conservative group remain united as the only political party in Britain to champion equality and human rights?

Or will they choose to make a stand against racism, homophobia, and Islamophobia and risk alienating their own supporters?

It is a question that could well determine the future of the Conservative political movement in Britain.

In an article for The Independent, Jeremy Corbyn wrote: “It is not enough to tell a story about our history.

We must also tell a real story about what makes us so different from other societies.

We are not just different, we are different because we live in the most unequal society in the world.

The Tories are trying to tell us that we are not.

We do not have a racist, homophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, racist, or homophobic bone in our body.

We also do not want a socialist, we want an entrepreneur, we have a culture that celebrates diversity, a values based society that welcomes immigrants, and an inclusive society where we work hard to build a better world.”

 So, why are the Conservatives now trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump?

This is not the first time the Conservative government has attempted to distance itself from Trump.

Last year, the government of Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the Conservative leader had been “misled” about his views on immigration and that he had “reinforced his previous position that immigrants who came to Britain as children should be welcomed”.

The Conservative party also announced that “as part of our commitment to equality, the party would not take a position on the controversial immigration policies that have been labelled racist, anti-immigrant, and xenophobic”.

However, the Conservatives have now decided to distance their party from the American billionaire and have said that they will “fight on” against the Republican nominee.

In a recent statement, the Tory leadership said: “We believe in diversity and inclusion and have always campaigned for an inclusive and welcoming society.

We stand by Donald Trump’s view that immigrants coming to Britain should be welcome and supported, but the Conservatives stand by his views and his campaign that the only way to get those people is to be open and welcoming to all people.” 

This has been a strange decision for the Conservatives.

When they came to power in 2010, they promised to be a party of “equality, liberty and opportunity”.

However the Conservative right-wing government has been unable to achieve either of those things and has been consistently seen as anti-social, racist and intolerant.

Since the election of the new Conservative Party government in 2015, the UK has seen a rise in hate crimes and racist violence against Muslim, black and LGBT people, as well as a rise of hate crimes against women, indigenous people and refugees.

In March this year, an investigation into hate crime in the UK revealed that the number of hate crime incidents was rising by nearly half a per cent every month since November 2015.

There are also growing concerns that the Conservatives could be leading the country towards a racist future. 

The UK Conservative Party has been criticized by its own MPs for not having a clear vision on how to tackle racism, Islamophobia, and homophobia in its party and how to combat Islamophobia in its policies. 

During the first televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the moderator asked Trump: “Does the Republican party stand by the statement that Islam is not compatible with British values and principles?”

The American billionaire replied: “Well, I think it’s a very big statement, I actually agree with it, yes.”

This was followed by Clinton saying: “I think Islam is compatible with all the values that Britain is supposed to have, all the ideals that Britain has, all of the things that Britain was founded on.” 

In response, Trump replied: “I agree with that.

And I think the first statement is a mistake, and the second is a disaster.” 

As the Conservative Conservative


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