How will Trump deal with impeachment news?

By now, the world knows about the impeachment trial that was set to start on Wednesday, November 6th, but some of the details have not been revealed yet.

What will the US government do? 

What are the possible impeachment charges against Trump? 

Who will be the witnesses? 

Will the US president be impeached? 

Why does the world need to know more about the US presidency? 

There are many questions, and I have tried to answer some of them here. 

There have been several other news stories on the impeachment process over the past couple of weeks. 

But I believe that the first major story of impeachment, if it ever comes to a vote, will come from the president himself. 

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that only 42% of Americans support impeaching the president, while 54% want him to resign and be removed from office. 

So far, only one other American president has been impeached. 

In 1814, Alexander Hamilton resigned from the US Senate. 

He was accused of treason by President James Monroe. 

Hamilton was acquitted by a Senate trial in January 1816, but was subsequently sentenced to death by a military commission. 

The trial was held in a closed court, but news of Hamilton’s death reached the public via telegraph. 

As many people as were alive in the day read the news on their telegraph, newspapers, and magazines. 

While some of us were watching the trial unfold, thousands of other Americans were reading about the trial. 

That was a very different situation than the one we are currently living in. 

For example, during the 18th century, most people lived in large cities, and most of us had a telephone. 

Even today, a large portion of Americans do not have a telephone and are connected to the internet by a cable TV connection. 

To have a chance to read about the case against Hamilton, you would have had to be living in one of those large cities. 

And if you had been reading about Hamilton’s trial, you might have been able to locate some of those newspapers, magazines, and newspapers online. 

However, a majority of Americans are not. 

According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans that say they have no interest in hearing about the Hamilton trial has dropped from 59% in 2008 to 53% in 2020. 

How many people read about Hamilton before the trial? 

The Post/Getty poll showed that only 38% of adults had read about a Hamilton trial before it started, while 60% said they had read a newspaper article about the proceedings. 

On the other hand, 56% said that they had not read about any of the trial proceedings.

The survey also found that most Americans (58%) did not know that President Donald Trump was impeached by the Senate.

How many people are aware that President Trump is impeached and what will happen? 

While the numbers have dropped considerably from a few years ago, Americans have been reading more about impeachment proceedings since Trump took office.

In the past few weeks, more than one in three Americans have read about Trump’s impeachment, according to a poll by Politico. 

Some people have even gone so far as to ask Twitter users to spread the word about the news. 

This past week, there have been multiple articles on the Trump impeachment process, but few of them have provided a lot of information. 

Most of the coverage has focused on the President’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, as well as his decision to resign, as the Senate and the House are not expected to vote on the final report before the Senate completes its own investigation. 

Another article from Politico was focused on Comey’s dismissal, which took place in the middle of the night on January 6th. 

Many of those articles, however, did not explain the reasons for Comey’s firing, nor did they detail the consequences for Trump. 

I hope that a lot more Americans are going to read the stories about Trump and Comey this week, so that they can see the details of how the US is going to deal with the impeachment of President Trump.


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