How to get rid of COVID-19 in your home

The United States has seen a record number of coronavirus cases in the past month, but only a fraction of the people who are sick have yet been identified.

That’s because the virus has yet to evolve to become airborne and cause a significant number of new cases.

“We know it’s very hard to isolate and catch a person from close contact with a person with COVID and then infect them,” said University of California, Berkeley, virologist Nicholas Burt, who led the study.

“We think we’ve solved that.”

The researchers studied 2,091 COVID infections in households in five California counties.

The researchers measured the amount of virus circulating in a household by measuring the level of the virus in blood, saliva, vomit, stool and urine.

When the researchers tested the virus, they found that a small percentage of people with COIDS have been infected by the virus but only about 3% of those infected had been previously isolated.

That means only about 10% of people who have been exposed to the virus have been identified, which the researchers said means that about half of people in the US who are currently sick have not yet been isolated.

“It’s not a very good proportion of people that are infected,” said Burt.

So far, only about 100,000 people have been diagnosed with COID, but the study’s authors believe that figure is a conservative estimate.

They estimate that if the new study is replicated in the next six months, there could be thousands of new infections in the United States.

The team hopes that the new findings can lead to more research on COVID infection and how it affects people.

Although the team was able to isolate COIDS from a household, the virus is still very difficult to infect from people outside the home, according to the researchers.

“The virus is extremely difficult to get in people who don’t have direct contact,” Burt said.

It also remains unclear how long the virus will survive in people, especially those who have already been infected.

If the virus does survive in human hosts, researchers hope to develop vaccines for it.

The scientists also hope to eventually use the information to develop treatments that can be used to reduce or eliminate the number of cases in homes.

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