What you need to know about a woman who says she was raped by her stepfather

A woman who said she was sexually assaulted by her father after they were separated after the death of their mother has made a shocking confession.

Key points:Aboriginal woman says she and her stepdad had an argument about her family’s relationshipShe says she wanted to move out of the family home and live with her father, but he pushed her outThe victim says she believes her step-father is responsible for the crimeThe woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Four Corners her father was abusive and made her feel unsafe.

“I was always the victim of abuse, and I always had a sense of wanting to move away from the family,” she said.

“My father made me feel very isolated, and when I was a little girl, I felt very alone and that was very difficult.”

The victim said her father had an abusive relationship with his step-daughter.

“She said that my stepdad used to hit me in the face and that he used to force me to do things that I did not want to do.”

He used to put me in a corner, or beat me up, he was always violent, and that is when I felt I needed to get out.

“She said she left her family home in 2010 and started working in an office.

She told Four Corres that after her father left her she was left alone in her apartment with no one to come to her for help.”

When I got out I felt completely alone, I was scared and didn’t know where I was going,” she explained.”

It was scary because I thought I had to stay in the house, but I had no idea where I would be.

“She was later raped by a male partner and her father killed herself in 2012.

The woman said she believed her step father was responsible for her father’s death, but she said she would never tell anyone about the incident.”

If someone knew that I was raped and it wasn’t reported to police, that would be really upsetting for me,” she told Four Crowns.”

You can never tell the truth about it.”‘

This is not a crime, this is a crime against humanity’The victim told Four Corners that her stepmother’s case had shocked her.”

As a young person, you don’t think about your family, you think about yourself and you don´t think about other people,” she added.”

But that´s what happened to me, I feel really sad, really sad.

“The woman was last seen alive in November 2016, with a man driving a white van.

She said the man then stopped the van, but when she tried to escape, she was hit.”

The man was a big strong man, so I don´ts think he would be able to stop me,” the victim said.

The victim described the moment her stepson’s body was found by a passerby.”

At first, I thought that I had been hit by a car or a truck, but then I realised it was a man, he had the car, he could have stopped me,” he said.

In a statement released to Four Cornes, the mother of the deceased, said the stepsister was in a relationship with a friend.”

Our relationship was not abusive and was not in any way in any manner detrimental to our relationship,” she read.”

However, our relationship has not been in any form consensual and we have had no contact with her over the last few years.

“The man in custody said he believed his stepdaughter was the victim, but the victim told News24 that the woman’s story was not credible.”

This is a woman that has no credibility, no credibility,” he told Four Curls.”

That woman is not telling the truth.

This is not some kind of story that she told to the police.

It is a story that the police have not been able to investigate.


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