Washington Wizards vs Washington Capitals: Postseason preview

Washington, D.C. — In a season of change and transition, the Washington Wizards have continued their ascent to the top of the Eastern Conference.

With a deep roster, solid chemistry, and an exciting young nucleus, the Wizards have been a force to be reckoned with, and their current success is only expected to continue to grow.

With an NBA title in sight, and a chance to earn a playoff berth this season, the playoffs are just around the corner.

With the Washington Capitals and Toronto Raptors battling it out for a playoff spot, it’s time to take a look back at the year to date.

What to watch for:The Wizards have the talent and experience to make a deep run this season.

Injuries, roster turnover, and inconsistency will likely make this a challenging season, but the Wizards are well-positioned to make some noise in the East, and they’re set to put together one of the best regular season campaigns in franchise history.

They’ll be looking to keep the momentum going against the Raptors in Toronto, and with a strong core of young talent, Washington should be able to make an early push.

The Capitals are an intriguing team to watch in the postseason.

With multiple All-Star caliber players on the roster, and two of the top scorers in the NBA in John Wall and Bradley Beal, Washington has an incredible talent pool to draw from.

However, the Capitals also have to contend with a plethora of young teams who have potential to be even more talented than Washington’s, including the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, and Philadelphia 76, who all have very high expectations for this season and are expected to make the playoffs.

With a strong playoff schedule, and the ability to go to six games in the conference finals, the Caps will have a legitimate shot at being one of those teams.

Washington’s offense is loaded, and should have a chance at putting the Raptors on their heels, with the Capitals defense and special teams being strong enough to keep their opponents at bay.

Washington’s first round opponent will be Toronto, who has the best record in the Eastern conference, and boasts a number of players that could make the NBA playoffs this season if things don’t work out.

However to get past the Raptors, Washington will need to be more consistent in their play, which is something that’s been lacking from the team.

The Capitals should have the tools to make their mark this season in the playoffs, and if they can keep their talent on the court, they should have an extremely tough task against the Toronto Raptors.

Washington has two very talented players on their roster that can make a difference, as Wall is an elite scorer who is only 25 years old, and Beal is one of only two players in the entire NBA with 20+ 3-point attempts.

Wall has been a staple for the Wizards since his rookie season, and his scoring ability is well-known around the NBA.

Beal has shown flashes of potential, but has yet to really make a significant impact for Washington, and was dealt to the Toronto team in 2017 after his rookie year.

Both Wall and Beals are projected to be solid rotation players for the Capitals, and will be looking for a big game from their respective guards.

Wall is projected to lead the league in scoring this season with 17.1 points per game, and he’ll have a hard time defending opponents with his athleticism.

Beals shooting guard ability is similar to Wall, but his size and strength make him a formidable threat on the perimeter.

Washington will need both Beals and Wall to make big strides in order to take advantage of Toronto’s strengths in the offensive end, and that will be the case against the Knicks.

The Raptors are a top-heavy team that boasts one of, if not the most talented roster in the league, and could have a tough time stopping the Washington offense.

If Washington can maintain the same level of success in the paint, they’ll be able get back on track in the second half of the season, when they’ll face the Toronto Pacers.

Washington is looking to avoid a fourth consecutive loss to the Raptors this season to reach the conference semifinals, and while that could be an unrealistic goal, the team has an opportunity to make another run at a conference title this season after an impressive first half.

The Washington Wizards are set to host the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday, January 9th at 7:30pm ET.

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