What we know so far about the death of Florida’s dolphin population

The Florida Department of Health says there have been no reports of dolphin deaths in the Everglades since late May.

The state is also reviewing reports of a dolphin in captivity at the Evergo Aquarium in Miami.

It was not immediately clear whether the dolphin had been removed from the aquarium.

The dolphins have been in the state since the 1970s.

It has been reported that at least one dolphin has died in captivity, though officials said there were no reports Monday that the dolphin died in a Florida hospital.

The Everglade’s dolphins were the only mammals known to live in the area until the 1950s.

Dolphins have been breeding in the park since at least the 1970.

Officials said Monday that researchers are trying to determine how many dolphins are in the wild, and how many are in captivity.

A report last year said that about 50 dolphins were kept in captivity in Florida.

In Florida, people with questions about dolphin deaths can call the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hotline at 877-633-9463.


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