Georgia to begin construction of new power plant on Georgia Power’s land

In a big news, Georgia Power will begin construction on a new generation of power plants near Atlanta.

The plants, expected to be complete by 2020, are designed to produce enough electricity for about 1 million homes.

The new plants, which are in addition to those in the pipeline, will supply the Georgia Power grid.

“This will be a major investment in the state’s economy,” said Georgina Pritchard, a spokesperson for Georgia Power.

Georgia Power said the new plants are “the largest in the nation,” adding that they are “designed to generate and distribute electricity across a wide range of applications, including the energy needs of homes and businesses.”

The state has been building wind and solar power on the site of the former Georgia Power plant on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, which runs through Atlanta.

Georgia Power was founded in 1898.

It is the second-largest utility in the U.S. and is based in Atlanta.

It also has a partnership with Georgia Power that operates Georgia Power East, a small solar project in the Georgia city of Augusta.

It also has plans to build a new nuclear power plant in Georgia.


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