China to ban most ‘extremist’ films and websites

Chinese authorities are considering banning websites and video-sharing apps that “tend to promote or promote violent extremism.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said on its website Thursday that the new rules are “in accordance with the country’s laws and values,” according to The New York Times.

The move comes as the country faces a wave of terror attacks that have claimed more than 30 lives and injured thousands in recent months.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) said in a statement that the ban would apply to “all types of websites and applications” and “all forms of internet communication, including video- and audio-based communication.”

The move comes a day after the United States on Friday formally banned several major sites and applications including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In the US, the ban also includes Apple and Google.

The new restrictions, announced by SAPPRFT on Thursday, will also apply to websites and apps that offer “information on extremist groups, including terrorist groups,” according the statement.

The new regulations are aimed at tackling terrorism in China.

China has been cracking down on foreign “extremism” groups for decades, including at the same time that it is trying to combat the spread of homegrown terrorism.

It also has a longstanding “one-China policy” on Taiwan and the “One China” policy that does not recognise the sovereignty of any of the islands it claims.


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