What to know about the new climate change agreement on Tuesday

President Donald Trump has signed an agreement to curb carbon emissions, but the White House has yet to provide a timeline on how much progress is made in the months and years ahead.

Here’s what to know, and what to watch for on Tuesday.

What’s in the agreement?

The United States is aiming to meet its target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

It has pledged to cut emissions by a third by 2030 and by a quarter by 2050.

This marks a major step forward from the last agreement, signed by former President Barack Obama in December of 2016.

Under the deal, the United States would have pledged to limit greenhouse gas levels to 1990 levels, but Trump has pledged that he would not meet that target.

Trump, who has promised to drastically cut carbon emissions under his term, has said he will not take executive actions that will cause a rise in CO2 levels.

But, the agreement calls for the President to review and, if necessary, reverse a number of Obama administration policies to make them less harmful to the climate.

This includes a move to phase out the Keystone XL pipeline, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, the Clean Power and Investment Act, the Waters of the United Nations (WUN) and other global climate commitments.

These include a ban on coal leasing, which would make it more difficult for states to build out coal mines.

What will happen?

The Trump administration will need Congress’ approval to take any action.

Congress is expected to vote in early September to repeal the Clean Air Act and Environmental Protection Act, as well as other Obama administration climate-change regulations, to allow the United State to make changes to its energy supply and reduce its carbon emissions.

The agreement also calls for a transition to renewable energy sources, including solar and wind power.

The Trump Administration has said it will work to accelerate the transition to clean energy, including by promoting the development of clean energy technology, which has been slow to catch on in the United Sates.

How will the deal affect the economy?

The agreement sets a target of reducing U.S. emissions by 29 percent below 1990 levels by 2035.

It calls for more than a 30 percent reduction by 2025, but it will require a substantial increase in the U. S. economy.

In 2018, the U and China were the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, so the deal could lead to some economic harm to the U., as well.

In 2020, U.s.

GDP grew by 1.5 percent, which was slightly less than expected.


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